Emoticons 2.0


Wanted to spam your favourite memes in-game? How about truly showing off your emotions with an emoticon that displays your feelings? Or perhaps you would just like to talk using nothing but awful pepe images?
Well... Look no further than this very addon! Using Emoticons you too are able to manipulate your reality by adding tonnes of low-quality emojis!
Why did Blizzard not implement this from the start? I think the answer is clear, because it truly is the most cancerous thing! But who cares? Not me, and I made this piece of garbage addon!


Emoticons 2.0 exposes you, your friends and any you love to a variety of features:

  • Allows you to spam your favourite pepe emojis.
  • Allows you to spam your favourite twitch emojis.
  • Makes you wish you were never born!
  • ... And much more!

How the heck do I use?

What a fucking dumbass question, but I'm not surprised you ask, you simply put your favourite emojis surrounded by colons in the chat and bam, it will show!

How the frick do I know which emojis are available?

Haha! Glad you asked me instead of looking in the blatant folder full of emojis!

You can find a list of emojis including any chat exception here: https://pastebin.com/Af3WNr9R.

Note that I'm not responsible for any additionally added emojis.

How the huckleberry do I add my own emojis?

Heck yeah, brother, you can add your own emojis! That means I don't have to do all the work, haha!

The procedure is incredibly simple and I'm dumbfounded why no one has been able to do it yet, so I've written a very basic guide, you can find the guide IN the addon.

Yes.. It is the one called "how add emoji.txt".

Will you in god's name update this addon in the future?

Haha! No!

Realistically, I shouldn't need to, I fucking hate lua.


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